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Arzberg Form1382

We are launching our very own park café hönle cup – a collaboration between designer and skater Lou Salasca from the skate park in Folkestone Gardens, the world famous German porcelain manufacturer Arzberg and us.

Arzberg is a town in Franconia/ Bavaria and Arzberg porcelain is manufactured exclusively in Germany and known worldwide as premium quality porcelain “Made in Germany”: simple – functional – beautiful.

The cup is part of the Arzberg Form1382 series designed by Dr. Hermann Gretsch in the early 1930s. Form1382 won numerous prestigious design awards. The series is one of the absolute classics of modern industrial design and on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the V&A in London. The design won gold medals at the 1936 Triennale di Milano and the 1937 World Exhibition in Paris.

Last summer, Lou our skater friend had just graduated from design school. She came up with this lovely bespoke decor for the cup inspired by our park, Folkestone Gardens: a frieze of flowers and leaves.

We love this cup. It is a unique piece of art and craft that combines the local community, the park and the café. And we feel it would suit your kitchen or lounge table just perfectly for a cosy cup of tea or coffee or mulled wine – whatever you feel like!

Price: £15 inc VAT Size: 8oz

(And here is the connection to the UK – a bit of an amusing side note: when German products were becoming increasingly competitive, Great Britain passed the “Merchandise Mark Act” in 1887 which meant that products from Germany had to carry the description “Made in Germany”. The hope was that people would avoid them, however it very soon became a significant seal of quality!)


park café, Folkestone Gardens, Trundleys Road, Deptford, London, SE8 5JE